About Us

With decades of experience of working with leading global brands and design consultancies, The Future Collective was founded by Kate and Matt with a vision to create the antidote to the traditional agency model.

The strength in our collective is the ability to harness world-class creative and strategic talent and bring them together to collaborate with our clients in a truly fulfiling way.

For those within our collective, we lead, inspire and create the right environment for creativity to flourish. Our brand ethos elevates female leadership, breaks glass ceilings, empowers like-minded people, and is generational in terms of legacy.

For our clients, our approach is agile and transparent. Bringing together world-class talent that no single agency could afford to retain, handpicked to create a bespoke team that is perfectly placed to respond to their brief.

Ultimately we put strategic thinking at the heart of everything we do.

Our values and beliefs are centred on humanity, design innovation and integrity. That’s why we are a B-Corp Company. Above all else, we have a purpose, and that’s to Design for Better.