Better for People | Better for Planet.


Welcome to your guide to designing for better.

Not just better for the planet, but for people too – and all that co-exist together. And not just more sustainable; but more ethical, inclusive, purposeful, meaningful and enduring.

Within our carefully curated report we explore what we mean by designing for better.

Understanding the radical shifts in consumer sentiment that are driving generational change and unpacking the core themes and directions this will take.

Filled with actionable insights, thought-starters and ‘what if’ scenarios, this report will become your invaluable sourcebook of inspiration and ideas.

It’s time for radical change and reinvention
Equally, it’s time to do the right thing too.
Let this become your guide and inspiration to Design for Better.

It’s time. It’s now. It’s forever.

Why buy it?

Understanding and empathy of the generational change in consumer sentiment.

Hundreds of meaningful and actionable insights that will directly inform strategic planning and decision making in branding, retailing and experiential design.

Over 160 pages of ideas and inspiration around 6 key themes, including examples of global benchmarking and best practice across a broad range of sectors from food to fashion, beauty to automotive, and beyond.

A wealth of ‘what if’ scenarios and thought-starters to inspire ideation.

A visionary guide to the core principles of designing for better.

Valuable perspectives from some of the most prolific thought leaders, changemakers and innovators in the industry.

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