Global Retail Trend Report

Global Retail Trend Report

The 6 key themes driving change.


As we enter a new era in retail design, we are continually exploring the key trends and directions unfolding within the global retail landscape.

We have carefully compiled and curated a valuable sourcebook of ideas and inspiration. 

Within our 140 page report, we take a tour of the world’s most innovative brands, shining a light on benchmarks from a wide range of sectors and sharing the latest consumer insights that will be driving retail change.

From our genuine need to foster a sense of Togetherness, to our heightened desire for Otherworldly Escapes, creating the reason to visit has never been more essential.

Old plans and existing models can’t be shoehorned into this new brand landscape. There is nothing ‘normal’ about what’s ahead.


Why Buy It?

Our Global Retail Trend Report includes a wealth of meaningful, actionable insights and ‘what-if’ scenarios, as well as thought-starters that will directly inform strategic planning and decision making in branding, retail and experiential design.

Learn about the new unmet consumer needs that brands and retailers should be capitalising on, as we adjust to new ways of living and working.

Be inspired by the 6 key retail and innovation trends that we should be responding to right now. 

Understand how these changes are likely to influence the design of our high streets, town centres and regional shopping destinations in the near future.

Cost – £45.00 Inc VAT